• The price range of the Hiace varies. It greatly fluctuates to higher than 2,000,000-3,000,000 or it how long you attach an option in the case of the new car and more greatly changes when besides it is a used car.
    It relatively becomes higher, but, in the case of the used Hiace who is a current model after 2004, it is to the price that is considerably cheap if come to it-type in an older year. Anyway it will be natural because it is a car model with the history of 50 years. Because, on the contrary, a history is long, depending on a car model, there is the thing gaining a premium price.
    The speculation of the purchase price in the used car market greatly fluctuates by a vehicle in this way because price range is various Hiaces.
    The Hiace particularly Hiace 200 system is car purchase more highly than other car models. The reason is because needs is high. For example, needs changes by the fashion of the times if this is the car of the pro-fashion hobby. However, "I sell surely" and, in the case of a 200 system Hiace, am confident as a used car supplier all through the ages because stable needs is a company car, a vehicle for the business. In a sense it becomes the car which is easy to sell a car according to owner Hiace. This is because it is a car model for large amount assessment.